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Peter McCarthy

Household Appliance Repair Master
  • experience :15 years

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Prices for washing machine repair


Diagnostics and on-site visit by our specialist


Installation and connection of a washing machine

From 9 £ 1 year

Replacement of bearing

From 5 £ 6 months

Drum repair

From 6 £ 1 year

Control card repair

From 8.5 £ 1 year

Replacement of electric heating element

From 9.4 £ 1 year

Replacement of drain pump

From 8.5 £ 1 year

Replacement of door cuff

From 7.99 £ 1 year

Replacement of door blocking device

From 6.8 £ 1 year

Replacement of filling valve

From 3.4 £ 1 year

Removal of foreign objects (without dismantling)

From 3.4 £ 1 year

AquaStop replacement

From 5 £ 1 year

Replacement of handle or door hinge

From 6.8 £ 1 year

Replacement of pressure switch
(water level sensor)

From 5.1 £ 1 year

Replacement of thermostat (temperature sensor)

From 6.8 £ 1 year

Replacement of electric motor

From 10.2 £ 1 year

Equipment repair specialists

Head of the department of repair of household and digital equipment

Margaret Foster

Department head
  • Experience:6 years
  • Ratings:52

Peter McCarthy

Household Appliance Repair Master
  • Experience:15 years
  • Ratings:67
Household Appliance Repair Master

Luke Jones

Household Appliance Repair Master
  • Experience:17 years
  • Ratings:99
Senior Appliance Repair Technician

Nigel Hines

Senior Appliance Repair Technician
  • Experience:15 years
  • Ratings:115
Senior Appliance Repair Technician

Leslie Reed

Household Appliance Repair Master
  • Experience:13 years
  • Ratings:71
Senior Digital Repair Technician

Buddy Lyons

Senior Digital Repair Technician
  • Experience:8 years
  • Ratings:93
Digital equipment repairman

Oliver Warren

Digital equipment repairman
  • Experience:9 years
  • Ratings:81
Manager of the department of repair of household and digital equipment

Sabina Tyler

Department Manager
  • Experience:3 years
  • Ratings:48

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All our specialists are highly qualified professionals that have training certificates from brands

With us, you have three major benefits

Guarantee of a low price

Our prices are set based on average market prices, since we buy spare parts directly from manufacturers.

Repair is carried out within 1 day! Otherwise, we do it at our own expense!

Even if after the diagnostics you decide to postpone the repair or refuse it, just remember… The service will be provided free of charge!

Free visit by our technician

Our specialist will arrive within 40 minutes after you send a request. The visit will be free of charge, even if you refuse to repair!

Request a free visit by our specialist (arrival in 34 min)

The on-site service is free of charge, even if after the diagnostics you decide not to repair your equipment. All expenses are covered by the company!

Washing machine repair in London

When you try to solve everyday tasks at home, household equipment, e.g. a washing machine, may be very useful and help you save a lot of time. However, various device malfunctions also occur and may cause serious issues. Consumers prefer searching for different instructions online, but that leads to additional problems and often to a complete failure of the device. That’s why when you detect the first signs of incorrect operation, it’s necessary, according to the specialists, to immediately disconnect the equipment from the mains, and ask for professional help. Such an approach will definitely help you save time and avoid serious malfunctions.

Washing machine repair in London is a necessary service because you often face such problems as:

  • sudden power surges;
  • ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • careless operation, mechanical damages;
  • incorrect installation and common mistakes;
  • using low-quality spare parts;
  • hard water;
  • trying to repair the equipment on your own.

Experts recommend to contact a specialized Eco-service service center. Our company provides an on-site comprehensive repair of washing machines in London. We have our own warehouse of spare parts which makes it possible to quickly cope with all malfunctions of any level of complexity. We meet the deadlines and provide a warranty. Our prices are affordable, so consumers can take advantage of the professional help. A price-list is presented on our website.

How can you understand that the washing machine has malfunctions?

Urgent washing machine repair is required if you detected the signs as follows:

  • strong vibration and extraneous noise during washing;
  • it’s impossible to turn the device on;
  • problems with the control module;
  • the wringing function stopped working;
  • broken door lock, worn sealing cuff;
  • unpleasant smell coming from the washing machine;
  • the drum stopped rotating;
  • the proper temperature for water isn’t provided;
  • spontaneous shutdown often occurs;
  • there is an unknown error code on the display;
  • when turning on the washing machine, the power gets cut;
  • damaged cord and/or

Often, washing machine repair involves the replacement of the following spare parts:

  • control module;
  • door lock hook;
  • sealing cuff;
  • bearings;
  • belt of the drum belt transmission;
  • heating element;
  • temperature sensor;
  • drain hose;
  • door blocking device;
  • valves, filters, pumps.

We carry out preliminary comprehensive diagnostics that allows us to identify the root cause of the malfunction.

Our service center offers you an opportunity to request a visit from our specialist. It isn’t expensive. You can send a request via our website or call us. Our managers will discuss all the necessary details with you and provide additional information. An experienced washing machine repairman will arrive at the specified time and perform work at your home.

Recent repairs

Ремонт стиральной машины indesit

Это заголовок

Indesit MSC 615 washing machine
Drum doesn’t rotate
Result of diagnostics
Belt went off its place
Preventive maintenance and replacement of the belt
Warranty period
1 year
3 £
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you in 30 seconds

Ремонт стиральной машины samsung

Это заголовок

SAMSUNG WW70K6 washing machine
Doesn’t discharge water
Result of diagnostics
Drain pump burned down
Pump repair
Warranty period
1 year
3.8 £
Get 20% discount

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you in 30 seconds

Ремонт стиральной машины lg

Это заголовок

LG F-4M5TS3W washing machine
Jumping and making noise
Result of diagnostics
Worn shock absorbers
Replacement of shock absorbers
Warranty period
6 months
7.7 £
Get 20% discount

Our manager will respond
you in 30 seconds

Repair stages and setting the prices


You can send a request or call us for a detailed consultation!

Meeting with our specialist

Our technician can come to your site. You can also come to our service center.

Device diagnostics

Our technician will thoroughly examine your device and test it using state-of-the-art equipment.

Price consideration

We will offer several solutions for your problem so that you can remain within your budget.

Warranty — from 1 year

After the device is checked by the customer, we will issue a warranty certificate with the company’s stamp.

Return of repaired equipment

After the repair is completed, we can deliver your device to the site you need for free. Also, there is a self-delivery option.

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